Have Questions? 

Here you'll find some answers to frequently asked questions along with information regarding our Terms of Service (ToS).


How does it work?

It's magic!  Well, close.  We use microwave radios with proprietary encryption to carry data where the cable company and the phone company either charge too much to go or just don't go.  Once the data leaves our microwave network, it travels over fiber optic cables to Internet exchanges in Vegas and Phoenix.  After that, it's on the Internet. 



Yes, really good phones.  The best you've ever heard.  From one phone to 50 or more, our solution will save you money.  We use Polycom phones for voice and Cisco ATA's to communicate with your FAX machine.  What about an on premise PBX with IVR?  Yes, we do that too.  And the feature set is beyond what you can imagine.  Call.  We'll show you.


How much data do I get?

If you have CIR service, data transfer is unlimited.  For MIR service we have to limit the data transfer at the volume indicated in the tier of service you purchase.  In this manner we can offer high speed without making you pay what it would cost for CIR service.  Much like mobile phone carriers limit the amount of data, only our most inexpensive package provides 6-8 times as much data.  Around 100K emails or 10K webpage views or 500 hours of streaming music or 100 hours of streaming video... on our most inexpensive package.  If you exceed the limits we'll either slow your connection down to a "recovery rate" or charge for the overage at $1 per gigabyte.  You make the choice when you sign up and choose your tier of service.



Yes, that too.  Most providers charge extra for a wireless router so you can use a tablets, phones, TV's and gaming consoles with the Internet connection.  Wireless is just another included feature when you get your service from us.  Zen.  For Industrial, commercial, medical, RV parks, etc. there are special considerations and we'll gladly develop a solution for you but it isn't included as part of the Internet subscription.  Still Zen, because our solutions work.


Computer Services?  Networking?

Yes, we're good with computers.  And Networks. Our rates are very fair, $125hr. for scheduled work between 8 and 5, M-F.  Unscheduled, after hours and weekends it's $200hr.  If it is an emergency and we have to drop everything to deal with it, $300hr. till we're done.

Do you have a project?  Hotel, RV Resort, Apartment Complex,  Jobsite?  We have the skill, manpower and experience to provide the engineering, specification, procurement and deployment.  And do it far more competitively while keeping the business local.


What is the service area?  Can I get it?

Like the mobile phone networks, we are primarily terrestrial based.  We have service mostly along the Colorado River from the Mexican border up to Laughlin, NV.  We have partners just about everywhere in the Tri-State area and we're growing as fast as we can without borrowing any money.  That last part is what gives us the edge over everyone else.  It costs less to run this company because there isn't any debt service to factor in.  Drop us an email and if we don't service your area, we'll let you know who does.  

There is that part about the customers we can't talk about.  We've serviced some pretty big outfits when no one else could.  If you're one of those companies who need temporary service, now, and don't want the bloated legacy nonsense from the ILEC, we do that.  Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Long Beach, Miami, Cleveland, Indianapolis,  Mexico City, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, Portland, even Langley... you get the idea.  We've done it as much as anyone.  If you need a company who thinks way outside the box, you've found it.